Repairs Lead to Higher Curb Appeal

A few months ago we received a call from a strip mall owner that was having trouble attracting a new tenant into a recently vacated space, as it seemed a big part of the reason was the crusty old parking lot right outside of the space. He called in our Madison paving contractor team to do a total overhaul on this section of the parking lot and to repair the rest of it to make all of the other shops in the mall happy.

We let the strip mall owner that he indeed called the right contractor because we specialize in parking lot repairs and maintenance. We asked the owner when would be a good time for us to come out and look at the parking lot and to provide him with an actual quote. The owner said anytime would be great, so we informed him that we could be there within the hour, and a few of our parking lot specialists did.

Estimate Provided for Extensive Parking Lot Paving Work

A few of our parking lot specialists arrived at the Madison business and started inspecting the parking lot. There was one area of the lot that was in dire need of a transformation, while the rest of the lot just had cracks and potholes. The crew gave the owner the quote, which he was pleased with, then he scheduled us to start the job first thing Monday morning.

We did a big parking lot repair in Madison for a happy customer - WTNCS

The crew arrived on time Monday morning and started cleaning the parking lot. The cleaning would remove oil, gas, chemicals, and dirt from the surface. The crew then started the real work on the lot. The crew removed the old parking lot asphalt, then started prepping the area for the subbase to be laid. Once that was done, the crew started laying the fresh asphalt, then compacting it into place. The next day the crew started filling the cracks and potholes on another section of the space. Once these tasks were completed, the crew applied a layer of sealcoating. The crew would be returning the next morning to add necessary striping to the lot, which would complete the project for the customer. The parking lot striping didn’t take but a few hours to complete, then the crew began cleaning up to go back to the office.

One of the crewmembers noticed the owner pulling up, and he went over to let him know that the parking lot repairs were finished. We asked our customer if he would like to look over the parking lot, or if he had any questions to ask. The owner said the parking lot looks amazing and was he very thrilled that he called us to do his parking lot paving. He was very happy with our work, and we were pleased with a job well done!