Repair Project Leads to Maintenance Plan

We got a call from an apartment manager who wanted us to do some extensive Donelson parking lot repair and patching in one area of the parking lot, as well as minor repairs in the rest of the space. Once we were finished with the project, he was so impressed with our work that he set up a bi-annual maintenance plan with us.

The parking lot repairs were scheduled

We went to the property and evaluated the parking lot, then gave the property manager a quote for the asphalt contractor work.

We completed this parking lot repair in Donelson on time - WTNCS

He was happy with the quote and we were scheduled to start the asphalt repairs. The crew arrived on the day that we were scheduled and the crew first started working on the parking lot that needed the most work. The crew used a pavement saw and cut out the extensive damage. The crew removed the damaged asphalt, then they added new sub grade and the new sub grade was compacted.

The crew applied new asphalt mixture and they made sure that they had the maximum thickness in the area. The new asphalt mixture was spread and then the entire patch was compacted with the vibratory roller. Once the asphalt mixture was fully compacted the crew checked the patched area to make sure that it matched up to the rest of the asphalt. The crew also checked to make sure the patch was smooth.

The crew then started on the other parking lot repairs, which included filling all the cracks that were present. Each of the cracks was thoroughly checked to ensure that no water had compromised the sub base. The crew filled all the cracks and the only task left for them to do is the seal coating, which they were going to do the following morning.

The crew always arrived early in the morning and they worked until the late afternoon each day. Although there was a lot of repairs that needed to be done our crew did each repair completely before they started on another task. At the end of each day our crew always cleaned up their work area because we understand this is a business and every business wants their property to look attractive.

On the last day of the project, all the crew had to do was to apply the seal coating, which they did. The crew was able to get the parking lot repairs done for the customer with one week. The crew talked with the property manager before they left to let him know the job was a success. The crew knew that they must have done a great job that pleased the customer because he did set up the parking lot bi-annual maintenance plan that would keep his asphalt durable, strong, and attractive.