Preparing a Surface for Extra Durability

We got a call from a gas station that had just repaired and reinstalled their automatic car wash bay, but they wanted to make sure the asphalt areas around the lot would be able to withstand all of the soap, oil, and chemicals that would end up landing on it. They called our Nashville asphalt contractor team for maintenance and repairs, and we ended up doing some extensive crack sealing and sealcoating for them to ensure that the car wash wouldn’t end up costing them more money than it was worth.

We scheduled a complimentary parking lot paving consultation with the gas station owner because we wanted to inspect and evaluate the lot in order to provide the owner with a quote. The owner asked us to come out Tuesday morning, because that was a slow time at the gas station and there would be less traffic. This would be ideal for doing a complete inspection. A couple of our asphalt paving experts arrived at the Nashville business and began to look over the lot. There weren’t any major damages present on the parking lot, but the cracks were quite intense. We gave the owner the quote, which he was comfortable with. So,our company was scheduled for the parking lot repairs and maintenance.

The parking lot maintenance and repairs were underway

Our professional crew members arrived at the business on time and as scheduled. They started cleaning the lot with our industrial power washer. Doing this would remove all dirt and debris, but also gas and chemicals that are always present at a gas station. Once the lot was cleaned and dried, the crew began filling the cracks. This is an important repair that must be made immediately, because when water reaches the subbase of the asphalt it will start deteriorating. This can result in the need for a complete parking lot replacement.

Happy to do repairs as this business's Nashville paving contractor - WTNCS

The crew finished up with the crack sealing, then started sealcoating the asphalt surface. The crew did this in sections, so the gas station could still operate while we worked on the asphalt lot. On the following afternoon the crew was able to finish the repairs and maintenance, then let the owner know that his parking lot was now stable, durable, and completely safe for his customers. The crew also let him know that the parking lot would not be affected by the new car wash bay with all the soap and chemicals now that the sealcoating was applied.

The owner thanked us for doing a good job and the crew wished him success on his new car wash bay. The owner walked away and the crew was finishing up packing the tools and materials, but before we left he told us that he would be calling us soon for maintenance in the next year or so.