Patching for a New Lot

We were called on to a site by a property manager that had managed one house with five units for several years, but he had just purchased the house next door. He was planning on turning the other house into another set of rental units and wanted new parking lot paving in Springfield in between the two properties to create parking spaces for his tenants.

Our asphalt experts met with the property manager at the location, so we could look over the area for the parking lot and provide him with an appropriate quote, which we did. The property manager was satisfied with the quote and we were scheduled to start on the project.

The customer requested our paving contractor services

The crew arrived at the property and started getting the area ready for the new lot. Our crew had to take down a fence, then they started getting grading the area so there would be proper water drainage. The water drainage is an important step because if it hasn’t done properly then the surface would get potholes, cracks, and other damages.

We did this Springfield paving contractor job for a happy property owner - WTNCS

The sub base was installed next. The crew made sure the right amount of sub base was laid, then the sub base was compacted. The crew checked the compaction to make sure there were no soft spots on the surface, then the crew added the binder. The binder layer is a large aggregate mixture that is actually mixed with oil. This assists in making the parking lot durable and strong. The crew then applied a small aggregate, and this is a mixture of sand and oil that provides the shiny and smooth surface for the parking lot. The crew then was preparing for the last step to the parking lot installation and that was using the roller truck to make sure the top layer is smoothed out and fully compacted.

Each of these steps is very important and our crew works hard to get each of the steps done before they move to the next one. Our crew did a fantastic job for the property owner and we were able to install a new parking lot in just under a week, which was great to the customer. Our crew let the customer know that if he had any issues, concerns, or questions to call the office and we would return to the property and resolve the issues.

The customer was just happy that this project went smoothly and quickly and he told the crew that he just wished the rest of the contractors that he was working with on the new house would be this easy. We are just glad that we have another satisfied customer.