Parking Lot Repair and Maintenance

One thing that can often go by the wayside on a given property is regular, consistent maintenance. Preventative maintenance and routine upkeep on an asphalt service can keep it safe, level, and durable for decades. At any given stage of an asphalt surface’s life, there are probably some operations that could be performed to help improve its durability (not to mention its general visual appeal). When things get bad, we do offer parking lot repair and infrared asphalt repair, but the benefits of regular maintenance are enormous!

Asphalt Maintenance

We offer parking lot crack sealing to all of our customers in Nashville

Asphalt pavement maintenance really starts on the first day that a new parking lot or roadway is installed. It is important to keep the asphalt paving protected from chemical for 90 days. Within the first month, try to avoid heavy loads. Avoid using metal tools or power tools directly on the asphalt. Before the application of sealcoating, the surface must be completely clean and dry using sweeping methods and/or blowers. If the surface is not clean and dry, then poor adherence of the sealing layer can result. Sealcoating is applied with either a pressurized spray equipment or with self-propelled squeegee equipments or by hand (with a squeegee as well).

Crack Sealing

Sure, the initial upkeep can really set up an asphalt surface for success, but nothing stays perfect forever. Weather conditions, day-to-day traffic and normal wear and tear all play a huge role in the quality of pavement over time. Over time, small damages to the asphalt will lead to cracks forming in the asphalt. This is pretty much inevitable, but a lot can be done to fix the initial problem while preventing larger issues down the road. Asphalt crack sealing is a really important step in this process. When water gets into a crack in the asphalt, it generally will expand as it later dissolves or dries, which can weaken the base layer and worsen the crack. This is one of the main reasons that potholes form. Crack sealing nips that problem in the bud, and, with sealcoating, can allow a paved area to last significantly longer.

Parking Lot Maintenance

Our crew working on asphalt paving maintenance in nashville - WTNCS

Because these minor damages can lead to more significant issues over a long period of time, we offer parking lot maintenance services that will take care of any major problems in one go. We highly recommend regular parking lot maintenance, because it keeps the parking lot safe and attractive while keeping costs down over the long run. Repairing a major pothole is generally a more considerable task that crack sealing or sealcoating, and our maintenance programs are designed to catch these inconvenient cracks before the become big problems. Call us today if you would like more information on our regular maintenance programs. We’d be happy to give you more info on the benefits of maintaining often and early!