No Quick Fix Here – Just Elbow Grease and Experience!

We got a call from a grocery store owner that had noticed a large section of the parking lot was in need of some major asphalt repair in Hendersonville. There were no major potholes, but the entire space was filled with so many cracks that it was basically falling apart. Ultimately, we had to treat the entire space as if it was one giant pothole, but we were able to fix it for them without many problems.

We met with the store owner and he showed us his parking lot paving. We inspected it thoroughly, then we gave the owner an estimate that he was comfortable with. He wanted us to start as soon as we could, so we told him we could start first thing in the morning, which was great news to him. We also let him know that we would do the parking lot in sections, so his customers would still have a place to park.

We began the parking lot crack sealing and patching

Our crew arrived at the store first thing in the morning. All of the crew was happy to see the weather would be cooperating with them on this project. The crew sectioned off part of the parking lot, then they started to saw cut the damaged cracked areas. Once the area is saw cut, the crew removed this asphalt down to the sub base. The damaged asphalt would be taken to be recycled.

This hendersonville asphalt contractor job was pretty simple! - WTNCS

The crew then applied a new hot asphalt mixture. Once the hot asphalt mixture was laid the crew then used the vibratory power roller to compact the hot asphalt mixture. The next step for the crew was applying hot liquid asphalt where the repair and hot asphalt mixture was laid and smoothed out.

The crew then worked on the next section where they removed the cracked asphalt area by saw cutting it out, then applying the hot asphalt mixture. The crew again used the vibratory power roller to compact the hot asphalt mixture, then applying another layer of hot liquid asphalt and smoothing it out.

We were able to get the parking lot repairs in Hendersonville done within a few days for the customer. Our crew arrived early each day and worked non-stop until the late afternoon. Our crew always makes sure to get the job done on time and to never cut any corners. We have the best-qualified employees that have been working in the asphalt industry for many, many years. The customer was thrilled with the outcome of his parking lot and our crew let him know that if he had annual parking lot maintenance performed on his parking lot it would always be in great shape and looking good too!