Installation Job for a New Location

Not too long ago we got a call from a new business owner that was opening a second tire shop in town. He had the building all squared away, which was an old warehouse type building he had fixed up. Because the building was meant for commercial needs, it lacked a retail asphalt surface. He called us in for a new parking lot paving in Gallatin, and we were happy to follow through for him.

A couple of our asphalt experts went out to the business because we don’t like to give a quote for any of our services without evaluating the asphalt paving. This is to benefit the customer as we wouldn’t charge for services that are unneeded. Our guys evaluated and inspected the current parking lot, then we gave him an estimate. We were scheduled to start on the parking lot on Wednesday.

We were ready for the asphalt paving job

Our crew arrived and immediately went to work cleaning the parking lot with our industrial power washer. Doing this would remove all dirt, debris, and chemicals. Cleaning the surface of the asphalt would allow our crew to see if any added damages were present. The crew then leveled any low areas that were in the asphalt.

We did some parking lot paving in Gallatin for a new retail space

Our crew then applied a layer of tack coat. The tack coat will assist the new asphalt mixture bond together. Our crew then applied a fresh layer of hot asphalt mixture over the entire parking lot. The last step that needed to be done was to add another two-inch layer of the hot asphalt mixture.

On the last day that the crew arrived at the job site the crew added parking stripes to the parking lot. Our crew knows all the accurate parking stripes that are required and our crew applied them, then started cleaning up the job site, so they could head to the next project. One of the crew members went inside of the business to let the owner know that his parking lot was completed. The customer came out to look at the parking lot and said, “It looks great”!

Our crew let the customer know that the work that we provided is all guaranteed and comes with a warranty. Our crew informed the customer that if he had any problems to give us a call and we would be right out. We are so sure that our customers will be happy with our knowledge and craftsmanship that we back all of our work with a customer satisfaction guarantee and warranty. The customer was very happy with our work and we know that he will be calling us for all his parking lot services.