Expansion on Already Solid Work

We got a call from a customer for whom we had done some basic parking lot maintenance in Hermitage for in the past. They wanted us to pave an expansion to their current parking lot, and this was because they were so impressed with the quality of our previous work. We let the customer know that a couple of our guys would come out and take a look at the space, then provide an estimate and that afternoon our guys was at the location.

Our guys arrived at the Hermitage business and the owner showed them where he wanted the parking lot expansion work done. Our guys looked over the space, measured it, then gave the owner the estimate that the customer was pleased with and we were scheduled to start the project in two days.

We Began the Asphalt Paving Job

Our crew showed up to the Hermitage business on the day that we were asked to start. We had to excavate the space, grade it, install the new paving, and then stripe it for them. The crew first started excavating the current asphalt. The crew broke up the asphalt, then removed all the pieces and loose gravel. Once the excavation process was completed the crew started grading the area. The grading is an important step as this will provide the proper drainage for the parking lot.

A Returning customer asked us to be their paving contractor in hermitage

The crew started working on the sub base. They applied the aggregate, then they started compacting the sub base with the drum roller equipment. The crew then began laying the hot asphalt for the parking lot. A layer of sealcoating was applied after the hot asphalt was poured and set for curing. The sealcoating would provide a smooth and nice attractive color for the parking lot. On the final day the crew started painting the parking lot stripes. The crew made sure to that the appropriate handicap parking stalls were applied to the asphalt parking lot. Every step was made until the crew had the new asphalt parking lot was completed. Each evening the crew made sure to clean up their work before they left for the day.

Our crew let the customer know that the expanded parking lot was finished. The customer came out to look over the parking lot and we could tell that he was very happy with the work that we had provided due to his smile. We let him know that if he needed any additional work done to call the office. We are the number one asphalt contractor Hermitage businesses could trust and depend on for all asphalt maintenance, parking lots, and asphalt services. We supply complete asphalt services.