Commercial Property Needs Some TLC

Not too long ago we got a call from the manager of a strip mall that needed the whole lot serviced with routine parking lot maintenance in Mt. Juliet. Nothing was terribly out of shape, but we did have to perform some patching in the back area on some potholes that were causing problems for businesses receiving deliveries. We went out to the strip mall to look over the situation, then we gave the manager an estimate.

The parking lot maintenance and repairs were scheduled to begin

Our crew arrived at the strip mall in Mt. Juliet on time as scheduled. The crew first started petitioning off the parking lot in sections, so customers who wanted to go to one of the stores in the strip mall would still have a place to park. The crew started cleaning the surface of the area that they were going to start working on. They wanted to remove all the dirt, debris, and chemicals that was on the surface of the asphalt.

This was a job for a trusted Mt. Juliet paving contractor - West Tennessee Construction Services, LLC

When the crew had the surface cleaned thoroughly they began filling cracks that were present, then they sealcoating the asphalt. The crew did these same steps to each of the parking lot areas that were petitioned off until they had the entire parking lot seal coated. The crew then painted new parking lot stripes. The crew made sure that each business had the appropriate handicap parking stalls added too.

The crew then started working on the asphalt located in the back of the strip mall. They started working on the potholes that were present. The crew cut out the pothole area to remove all of the damaged asphalt, then they applied fresh asphalt mixture into the hole, then they compacted the asphalt firmly into place. There were several potholes that our crew had to repair and they worked on each one of them until all of the potholes were repaired.

We were able to have the parking lot maintenance and repairs done within one week. The strip mall had a lot of traffic each day, but we were still able to do the maintenance and repairs done without interrupting any of the customers that were visiting the businesses. At the end of each working day the crew made sure all their equipment, tools, and supplies were put away along with any mess was cleaned, so the strip mall always looked presentable for their customers.

On the final day of work our crew let the strip mall manager know that they would be done that day. The manager was very pleased with our professionalism and work that we provided. Our company is the parking lot maintenance experts in Mt. Juliet that all business owners can depend on.