Combination of Maintenance Tasks

We got a call from a restaurant owner in Lebanon who wanted sealcoating done on their main parking lot, and crack sealing on their back loading area. Their main goal was to have day-to-day operations running at full speed, and to not let something like the condition of their asphalt to be a constant sore in the side for them. We were able to do this Lebanon parking lot paving work for them early on a Monday morning, which didn’t affect their business at all. After a quick evaluation from our team, we gave the restaurant owner an estimate that was within his budget.

The Parking Lot Maintenance Was Scheduled

Our team arrived at the Lebanon establishment bright and early on Monday morning. This was going to be a great day to do sealcoating and crack sealing, because the sun was shining and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. Our team was ready to get the asphalt maintenance and repairs done for the customer.

West Tennessee Construction Services, LLC was happy to do this parking lot maintenance in Lebanon

Our team cleaned the entire parking lot thoroughly to remove all the dirt, debris, and chemicals that was on the asphalt surface, then our team started applying the sealcoating to the parking lot. When our team had the parking lot seal coated they headed to the back loading dock area to start repairing the cracks that were present in the asphalt.

Our team removed all the debris that were present in all the cracks and cleaned the cracks thoroughly, then our team started filling each crack with crack sealant. Once the crack sealant was put into the crack it was compacted thoroughly, so the sub-base of the asphalt would not get any liquids entering it. Our team sealed each of the cracks that was present, then they started cleaning up the area to head to the next job location. All of the repairs were done that were requested by the customer.

It was very important to our customer to have all the sealcoating and asphalt repairs finished before the restaurant was open, which we were able to do. Our team understands the importance of getting a project done on time and as scheduled for each and every customer, which is why we were named the number one paving contractor in Lebanon. Our team meets every request and deadline, because without the happiness of our customers we wouldn’t be the company that businesses trust and depend on.

The restaurant owner just happened to pull up when our team was getting ready to leave the establishment. The restaurant owner must have been pleased with the work that our team provided because he told the entire team to come back for a free dinner to show his appreciation.