Commercial Property Needs Some TLC

Not too long ago we got a call from the manager of a strip mall that needed the whole lot serviced with routine parking lot maintenance in Mt. Juliet. Nothing was terribly out of shape, but we did have to perform some patching in the back area on some potholes that were causing problems for businesses receiving deliveries. We went out to the strip mall to look over the situation, then we gave the manager an estimate.

The parking lot maintenance and repairs were scheduled to begin

Our crew arrived at the strip mall in Mt. Juliet on time as scheduled. The crew first started petitioning off the parking lot in sections, so customers who wanted to go to one of the stores in the strip mall would still have a place to park. The crew started cleaning the surface of the area that they were going to start working on. They wanted to remove all the dirt, debris, and chemicals that was on the surface of the asphalt.

This was a job for a trusted Mt. Juliet paving contractor - West Tennessee Construction Services, LLC

When the crew had the surface cleaned thoroughly they began filling cracks that were present, then they sealcoating the asphalt. The crew did these same steps to each of the parking lot areas that were petitioned off until they had the entire parking lot seal coated. The crew then painted new parking lot stripes. The crew made sure that each business had the appropriate handicap parking stalls added too.

The crew then started working on the asphalt located in the back of the strip mall. They started working on the potholes that were present. The crew cut out the pothole area to remove all of the damaged asphalt, then they applied fresh asphalt mixture into the hole, then they compacted the asphalt firmly into place. There were several potholes that our crew had to repair and they worked on each one of them until all of the potholes were repaired.

We were able to have the parking lot maintenance and repairs done within one week. The strip mall had a lot of traffic each day, but we were still able to do the maintenance and repairs done without interrupting any of the customers that were visiting the businesses. At the end of each working day the crew made sure all their equipment, tools, and supplies were put away along with any mess was cleaned, so the strip mall always looked presentable for their customers.

On the final day of work our crew let the strip mall manager know that they would be done that day. The manager was very pleased with our professionalism and work that we provided. Our company is the parking lot maintenance experts in Mt. Juliet that all business owners can depend on.


New Paving Installation Job Provides Lasting Durability

Recently, we got a call from a new customer who wanted new parking lot paving in Old Hickory on their property. They currently had a large patch of gravel to serve as a parking area, but their business was growing and they needed a presentable space for both employees and potential customers. We let them know that a couple of our asphalt specialists would come out to their business for a complimentary consultation.

The following morning two of our asphalt experts arrived at the Old Hickory business to inspect, evaluate, and provide the owner with an estimate for the work that he was wanting done. Our guys measured the area and gave the owner the estimate that he was comfortable with and hired us to start on the parking lot as soon as we could. We let him know we could start first thing the following morning.

We began the parking lot paving work

Our crew arrived bright and early on the day we were scheduled. All of the crewmembers were pleased to see that there was no bad weather in the forecast for the next week, which was perfect weather for parking lot paving. The crew first started removing the gravel and debris in the area where the customer wanted the new parking lot. The crew made sure to section off the parking lot, so customers could still go into the business. Our employees make sure to never interrupt any customer’s business that we are working at. We understand the importance of keeping the business open and operating.

We enjoyed this job as an old hickory paving company

Once the crew removed all the gravel and debris they started working on the grading. The grading must have the precise pitch to allow the water to runoff of the parking lot. Once the grading was completed the crew started installing the foundation or the sub-base to the parking lot. The sub-base is very important as it has to be precise to provide a stable support for the parking lot and strength. The aggregate was laid to the thickness level that was needed, then the sub-base was compacted with our industrial drum roller equipment. The hot asphalt mixture was then laid, then they applied sealcoating to provide the nice smooth surface and beauty. When the crew had that area done they went through the same steps for the final side until the entire parking lot was completed.

Our crew worked very hard each day to get the parking lot completed on time for the customer. We were able to complete the paving job in just over eight days, which was done two days ahead of schedule. It is easy to see why we are the number one parking lot paving contractor in Old Hickory.

Expansion on Already Solid Work

We got a call from a customer for whom we had done some basic parking lot maintenance in Hermitage for in the past. They wanted us to pave an expansion to their current parking lot, and this was because they were so impressed with the quality of our previous work. We let the customer know that a couple of our guys would come out and take a look at the space, then provide an estimate and that afternoon our guys was at the location.

Our guys arrived at the Hermitage business and the owner showed them where he wanted the parking lot expansion work done. Our guys looked over the space, measured it, then gave the owner the estimate that the customer was pleased with and we were scheduled to start the project in two days.

We Began the Asphalt Paving Job

Our crew showed up to the Hermitage business on the day that we were asked to start. We had to excavate the space, grade it, install the new paving, and then stripe it for them. The crew first started excavating the current asphalt. The crew broke up the asphalt, then removed all the pieces and loose gravel. Once the excavation process was completed the crew started grading the area. The grading is an important step as this will provide the proper drainage for the parking lot.

A Returning customer asked us to be their paving contractor in hermitage

The crew started working on the sub base. They applied the aggregate, then they started compacting the sub base with the drum roller equipment. The crew then began laying the hot asphalt for the parking lot. A layer of sealcoating was applied after the hot asphalt was poured and set for curing. The sealcoating would provide a smooth and nice attractive color for the parking lot. On the final day the crew started painting the parking lot stripes. The crew made sure to that the appropriate handicap parking stalls were applied to the asphalt parking lot. Every step was made until the crew had the new asphalt parking lot was completed. Each evening the crew made sure to clean up their work before they left for the day.

Our crew let the customer know that the expanded parking lot was finished. The customer came out to look over the parking lot and we could tell that he was very happy with the work that we had provided due to his smile. We let him know that if he needed any additional work done to call the office. We are the number one asphalt contractor Hermitage businesses could trust and depend on for all asphalt maintenance, parking lots, and asphalt services. We supply complete asphalt services.


Combination of Maintenance Tasks

We got a call from a restaurant owner in Lebanon who wanted sealcoating done on their main parking lot, and crack sealing on their back loading area. Their main goal was to have day-to-day operations running at full speed, and to not let something like the condition of their asphalt to be a constant sore in the side for them. We were able to do this Lebanon parking lot paving work for them early on a Monday morning, which didn’t affect their business at all. After a quick evaluation from our team, we gave the restaurant owner an estimate that was within his budget.

The Parking Lot Maintenance Was Scheduled

Our team arrived at the Lebanon establishment bright and early on Monday morning. This was going to be a great day to do sealcoating and crack sealing, because the sun was shining and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. Our team was ready to get the asphalt maintenance and repairs done for the customer.

West Tennessee Construction Services, LLC was happy to do this parking lot maintenance in Lebanon

Our team cleaned the entire parking lot thoroughly to remove all the dirt, debris, and chemicals that was on the asphalt surface, then our team started applying the sealcoating to the parking lot. When our team had the parking lot seal coated they headed to the back loading dock area to start repairing the cracks that were present in the asphalt.

Our team removed all the debris that were present in all the cracks and cleaned the cracks thoroughly, then our team started filling each crack with crack sealant. Once the crack sealant was put into the crack it was compacted thoroughly, so the sub-base of the asphalt would not get any liquids entering it. Our team sealed each of the cracks that was present, then they started cleaning up the area to head to the next job location. All of the repairs were done that were requested by the customer.

It was very important to our customer to have all the sealcoating and asphalt repairs finished before the restaurant was open, which we were able to do. Our team understands the importance of getting a project done on time and as scheduled for each and every customer, which is why we were named the number one paving contractor in Lebanon. Our team meets every request and deadline, because without the happiness of our customers we wouldn’t be the company that businesses trust and depend on.

The restaurant owner just happened to pull up when our team was getting ready to leave the establishment. The restaurant owner must have been pleased with the work that our team provided because he told the entire team to come back for a free dinner to show his appreciation.

Patching for a New Lot

We were called on to a site by a property manager that had managed one house with five units for several years, but he had just purchased the house next door. He was planning on turning the other house into another set of rental units and wanted new parking lot paving in Springfield in between the two properties to create parking spaces for his tenants.

Our asphalt experts met with the property manager at the location, so we could look over the area for the parking lot and provide him with an appropriate quote, which we did. The property manager was satisfied with the quote and we were scheduled to start on the project.

The customer requested our paving contractor services

The crew arrived at the property and started getting the area ready for the new lot. Our crew had to take down a fence, then they started getting grading the area so there would be proper water drainage. The water drainage is an important step because if it hasn’t done properly then the surface would get potholes, cracks, and other damages.

We did this Springfield paving contractor job for a happy property owner - WTNCS

The sub base was installed next. The crew made sure the right amount of sub base was laid, then the sub base was compacted. The crew checked the compaction to make sure there were no soft spots on the surface, then the crew added the binder. The binder layer is a large aggregate mixture that is actually mixed with oil. This assists in making the parking lot durable and strong. The crew then applied a small aggregate, and this is a mixture of sand and oil that provides the shiny and smooth surface for the parking lot. The crew then was preparing for the last step to the parking lot installation and that was using the roller truck to make sure the top layer is smoothed out and fully compacted.

Each of these steps is very important and our crew works hard to get each of the steps done before they move to the next one. Our crew did a fantastic job for the property owner and we were able to install a new parking lot in just under a week, which was great to the customer. Our crew let the customer know that if he had any issues, concerns, or questions to call the office and we would return to the property and resolve the issues.

The customer was just happy that this project went smoothly and quickly and he told the crew that he just wished the rest of the contractors that he was working with on the new house would be this easy. We are just glad that we have another satisfied customer.

Installation Job for a New Location

Not too long ago we got a call from a new business owner that was opening a second tire shop in town. He had the building all squared away, which was an old warehouse type building he had fixed up. Because the building was meant for commercial needs, it lacked a retail asphalt surface. He called us in for a new parking lot paving in Gallatin, and we were happy to follow through for him.

A couple of our asphalt experts went out to the business because we don’t like to give a quote for any of our services without evaluating the asphalt paving. This is to benefit the customer as we wouldn’t charge for services that are unneeded. Our guys evaluated and inspected the current parking lot, then we gave him an estimate. We were scheduled to start on the parking lot on Wednesday.

We were ready for the asphalt paving job

Our crew arrived and immediately went to work cleaning the parking lot with our industrial power washer. Doing this would remove all dirt, debris, and chemicals. Cleaning the surface of the asphalt would allow our crew to see if any added damages were present. The crew then leveled any low areas that were in the asphalt.

We did some parking lot paving in Gallatin for a new retail space

Our crew then applied a layer of tack coat. The tack coat will assist the new asphalt mixture bond together. Our crew then applied a fresh layer of hot asphalt mixture over the entire parking lot. The last step that needed to be done was to add another two-inch layer of the hot asphalt mixture.

On the last day that the crew arrived at the job site the crew added parking stripes to the parking lot. Our crew knows all the accurate parking stripes that are required and our crew applied them, then started cleaning up the job site, so they could head to the next project. One of the crew members went inside of the business to let the owner know that his parking lot was completed. The customer came out to look at the parking lot and said, “It looks great”!

Our crew let the customer know that the work that we provided is all guaranteed and comes with a warranty. Our crew informed the customer that if he had any problems to give us a call and we would be right out. We are so sure that our customers will be happy with our knowledge and craftsmanship that we back all of our work with a customer satisfaction guarantee and warranty. The customer was very happy with our work and we know that he will be calling us for all his parking lot services.

No Quick Fix Here – Just Elbow Grease and Experience!

We got a call from a grocery store owner that had noticed a large section of the parking lot was in need of some major asphalt repair in Hendersonville. There were no major potholes, but the entire space was filled with so many cracks that it was basically falling apart. Ultimately, we had to treat the entire space as if it was one giant pothole, but we were able to fix it for them without many problems.

We met with the store owner and he showed us his parking lot paving. We inspected it thoroughly, then we gave the owner an estimate that he was comfortable with. He wanted us to start as soon as we could, so we told him we could start first thing in the morning, which was great news to him. We also let him know that we would do the parking lot in sections, so his customers would still have a place to park.

We began the parking lot crack sealing and patching

Our crew arrived at the store first thing in the morning. All of the crew was happy to see the weather would be cooperating with them on this project. The crew sectioned off part of the parking lot, then they started to saw cut the damaged cracked areas. Once the area is saw cut, the crew removed this asphalt down to the sub base. The damaged asphalt would be taken to be recycled.

This hendersonville asphalt contractor job was pretty simple! - WTNCS

The crew then applied a new hot asphalt mixture. Once the hot asphalt mixture was laid the crew then used the vibratory power roller to compact the hot asphalt mixture. The next step for the crew was applying hot liquid asphalt where the repair and hot asphalt mixture was laid and smoothed out.

The crew then worked on the next section where they removed the cracked asphalt area by saw cutting it out, then applying the hot asphalt mixture. The crew again used the vibratory power roller to compact the hot asphalt mixture, then applying another layer of hot liquid asphalt and smoothing it out.

We were able to get the parking lot repairs in Hendersonville done within a few days for the customer. Our crew arrived early each day and worked non-stop until the late afternoon. Our crew always makes sure to get the job done on time and to never cut any corners. We have the best-qualified employees that have been working in the asphalt industry for many, many years. The customer was thrilled with the outcome of his parking lot and our crew let him know that if he had annual parking lot maintenance performed on his parking lot it would always be in great shape and looking good too!

Repair Project Leads to Maintenance Plan

We got a call from an apartment manager who wanted us to do some extensive Donelson parking lot repair and patching in one area of the parking lot, as well as minor repairs in the rest of the space. Once we were finished with the project, he was so impressed with our work that he set up a bi-annual maintenance plan with us.

The parking lot repairs were scheduled

We went to the property and evaluated the parking lot, then gave the property manager a quote for the asphalt contractor work.

We completed this parking lot repair in Donelson on time - WTNCS

He was happy with the quote and we were scheduled to start the asphalt repairs. The crew arrived on the day that we were scheduled and the crew first started working on the parking lot that needed the most work. The crew used a pavement saw and cut out the extensive damage. The crew removed the damaged asphalt, then they added new sub grade and the new sub grade was compacted.

The crew applied new asphalt mixture and they made sure that they had the maximum thickness in the area. The new asphalt mixture was spread and then the entire patch was compacted with the vibratory roller. Once the asphalt mixture was fully compacted the crew checked the patched area to make sure that it matched up to the rest of the asphalt. The crew also checked to make sure the patch was smooth.

The crew then started on the other parking lot repairs, which included filling all the cracks that were present. Each of the cracks was thoroughly checked to ensure that no water had compromised the sub base. The crew filled all the cracks and the only task left for them to do is the seal coating, which they were going to do the following morning.

The crew always arrived early in the morning and they worked until the late afternoon each day. Although there was a lot of repairs that needed to be done our crew did each repair completely before they started on another task. At the end of each day our crew always cleaned up their work area because we understand this is a business and every business wants their property to look attractive.

On the last day of the project, all the crew had to do was to apply the seal coating, which they did. The crew was able to get the parking lot repairs done for the customer with one week. The crew talked with the property manager before they left to let him know the job was a success. The crew knew that they must have done a great job that pleased the customer because he did set up the parking lot bi-annual maintenance plan that would keep his asphalt durable, strong, and attractive.

Preparing a Surface for Extra Durability

We got a call from a gas station that had just repaired and reinstalled their automatic car wash bay, but they wanted to make sure the asphalt areas around the lot would be able to withstand all of the soap, oil, and chemicals that would end up landing on it. They called our Nashville asphalt contractor team for maintenance and repairs, and we ended up doing some extensive crack sealing and sealcoating for them to ensure that the car wash wouldn’t end up costing them more money than it was worth.

We scheduled a complimentary parking lot paving consultation with the gas station owner because we wanted to inspect and evaluate the lot in order to provide the owner with a quote. The owner asked us to come out Tuesday morning, because that was a slow time at the gas station and there would be less traffic. This would be ideal for doing a complete inspection. A couple of our asphalt paving experts arrived at the Nashville business and began to look over the lot. There weren’t any major damages present on the parking lot, but the cracks were quite intense. We gave the owner the quote, which he was comfortable with. So,our company was scheduled for the parking lot repairs and maintenance.

The parking lot maintenance and repairs were underway

Our professional crew members arrived at the business on time and as scheduled. They started cleaning the lot with our industrial power washer. Doing this would remove all dirt and debris, but also gas and chemicals that are always present at a gas station. Once the lot was cleaned and dried, the crew began filling the cracks. This is an important repair that must be made immediately, because when water reaches the subbase of the asphalt it will start deteriorating. This can result in the need for a complete parking lot replacement.

Happy to do repairs as this business's Nashville paving contractor - WTNCS

The crew finished up with the crack sealing, then started sealcoating the asphalt surface. The crew did this in sections, so the gas station could still operate while we worked on the asphalt lot. On the following afternoon the crew was able to finish the repairs and maintenance, then let the owner know that his parking lot was now stable, durable, and completely safe for his customers. The crew also let him know that the parking lot would not be affected by the new car wash bay with all the soap and chemicals now that the sealcoating was applied.

The owner thanked us for doing a good job and the crew wished him success on his new car wash bay. The owner walked away and the crew was finishing up packing the tools and materials, but before we left he told us that he would be calling us soon for maintenance in the next year or so.

Repairs Lead to Higher Curb Appeal

A few months ago we received a call from a strip mall owner that was having trouble attracting a new tenant into a recently vacated space, as it seemed a big part of the reason was the crusty old parking lot right outside of the space. He called in our Madison paving contractor team to do a total overhaul on this section of the parking lot and to repair the rest of it to make all of the other shops in the mall happy.

We let the strip mall owner that he indeed called the right contractor because we specialize in parking lot repairs and maintenance. We asked the owner when would be a good time for us to come out and look at the parking lot and to provide him with an actual quote. The owner said anytime would be great, so we informed him that we could be there within the hour, and a few of our parking lot specialists did.

Estimate Provided for Extensive Parking Lot Paving Work

A few of our parking lot specialists arrived at the Madison business and started inspecting the parking lot. There was one area of the lot that was in dire need of a transformation, while the rest of the lot just had cracks and potholes. The crew gave the owner the quote, which he was pleased with, then he scheduled us to start the job first thing Monday morning.

We did a big parking lot repair in Madison for a happy customer - WTNCS

The crew arrived on time Monday morning and started cleaning the parking lot. The cleaning would remove oil, gas, chemicals, and dirt from the surface. The crew then started the real work on the lot. The crew removed the old parking lot asphalt, then started prepping the area for the subbase to be laid. Once that was done, the crew started laying the fresh asphalt, then compacting it into place. The next day the crew started filling the cracks and potholes on another section of the space. Once these tasks were completed, the crew applied a layer of sealcoating. The crew would be returning the next morning to add necessary striping to the lot, which would complete the project for the customer. The parking lot striping didn’t take but a few hours to complete, then the crew began cleaning up to go back to the office.

One of the crewmembers noticed the owner pulling up, and he went over to let him know that the parking lot repairs were finished. We asked our customer if he would like to look over the parking lot, or if he had any questions to ask. The owner said the parking lot looks amazing and was he very thrilled that he called us to do his parking lot paving. He was very happy with our work, and we were pleased with a job well done!